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A few words about customer service – Yes, you should expect that!

At Shield Foundation Repair, we take customer service personally. People always say not to take things that way when a customer is upset but it means something to us if they aren’t happy. It means we may not be doing our jobs and our whole point – the reason we started the company was to bring a good customer experience to an industry that wasn’t always known for it. Foundation repair can be complicated, scary, and sometimes costly. Our customers are trusting us to take care of things for them and we’re here to listen and take action on their behalf.


We wanted to walk the talk so we built a nice office here in Edmonton on Argyle Road where people can come and work with us face to face. We speak to our customers multiple times, from booking the appointment and all the way through the work process, but it’s mostly over the phone or via email so it’s nice to put faces to names.

Whether you call or visit, our goal is to make things just a bit less stressful. We want to earn your business and it all starts from the moment we connect. You can look forward to respectful conversations, a thorough inspection at your home or business, and honest, fair pricing. We want to work with you as much as for you. When Shield Foundation Repair does a job, we won’t send you the invoice until all parties are satisfied the job has been done right.


Our customer service team has a lot of experience, but we try not to call ourselves experts or claim to know it all. Customer service is ever-changing. We must adapt from situation to situation, as every job is different and so are all our customers. The service we offer isn’t scripted and there are no canned responses. We have to stay in the moment and deal with each request based on what the need is, and not behave like a robot or be thinking about what we’re doing on the weekend.

Naturally, people have a lot of questions. Our customer service team is always learning about the foundation repair industry to address some of their concerns instead of just passing them off to an estimator. We’re not perfect, but our goal is to get better every day. Call us today and put us to the test!