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A History Lesson from Shield Foundation Repair

Moving homes is precise work at the best of times. When the home is over a hundred years old, the stakes get a whole lot higher.

Shield Foundation Repair is proud to be part of this historical house project in Edmonton. Preserving history and putting less stress on our landfills is something we take pride in.

This two storey, 1800 square foot home was built in 1914 by Murray H Lister, an accountant and banker with Molsons Bank (now known as Bank of Montreal) at the time.

Image of Molsons Bank
Molsons Bank, Calgary, Alberta

It was also occupied by Dr Charles Baragar, a member of the Canadian army corps during World War 1 before becoming a lecturer at University of Alberta and Director of Mental Health for province of Alberta.

It was also home of the New Canadian Encyclopedia publishing in the 1980s and the Hope Foundation for a time. Most recently, it was home to the Phi Gamma Delta Fijis, a fraternity founded in 1848.

Image of Dr Charles Baragar
Dr Charles Baragar

For this job, Shield had been commissioned to prep and lift the house off its existing foundation, transport, and place on a new site.

Moving a house is a complicated project in terms coordination. The first step is determining the route to transport the house from its current location to the new site.

Next, arrangements must be made with utility companies and road departments for permits and, if necessary, to have overhead lines lifted for clearance.

Then of course comes the job of preparation and lifting the home off the original foundation. The house is slowly and ever so carefully lifted using unified jacks and slid onto huge steel beams. The beams are then attached to a truck at one end and wheels at the other end.

While preparations and planning may take weeks, the actual move might take only a day, and then another day to place the home on a new foundation at its destination.

At Shield Foundation Repair, we have the equipment, workforce, and expertise to manage the most delicate house moving jobs. If you have a structure you need to move, call us today at 780 760 4900.

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