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Problems with walk out basements

Have a walkout basement?

Here’s an example of floor sloping at the walkout portion. This is a common problem usually associated with the original home construction. It could have been easily avoided.


The walkout portion of the basement is built on a frost wall minimum 41/2 feet lower than the top of the basement floor. Because the excavation to form this wall was on both the interior and exterior, settling occurs on both sides. Some builders fail to remove the wood ladder on top of the frost wall, which would allow for the floor to be placed on and prevent it from dropping/ settling (or at least pin it with steel to the wall).


In these pictures, the floor has settled over 2 inches because it was not placed or pinned on the top of the frost wall. Shield has remediated many of these issues. It usually requires removing and replacing a portion of this floor and adding the proper steel reinforcement.


Are you struggling with a sloping floor in your walkout basement? Get a free assessment from Shield’s professional team.