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Historic Building Floor Repair - 4 of 4

Foundation Repair Talk

There’s a lot more to what we do than you might think

Dig out a wall, fix a crack, fill in the dirt again and go home. No big deal, right?


Sure, sometimes we run across relatively easy fixes. But often, a project that might seem pretty straightforward can be significantly more complicated, especially with older structures where multiple problems are apparent.

With jobs like this, the last thing you want to do is a partial “quick fix.”


For example, take this historic commercial building in Edmonton that had many years of neglect. The basement floor was completely deteriorated from efflorescence. To make things worse, a zero-lot line made it impossible to excavate the foundation from the outside. The deteriorating walls were leaking and contained horizontal cracks. Tele-posts and footings were rotting and not structurally sound.


Game over, right?

Not so fast.


This was a job involving multiple experts and crews that really know what they’re doing. Just so happens, that’s also where Shield Foundation Repair really shines.

For this project we retained a structural engineer that designed support walls, new strip footing and spec’d in new tele-posts. Then a high sulphite resistant concrete steel reinforced floor was poured along with structural wood walls with drainage to the interior weeping tile. We also created a sump backup for ease of tenants use.

The result? Pretty dramatic as you can see. Everyone involved pulled together to make sure the job was done right, adding decades of life to a historic site, and providing a safe and architecturally sound residence for tenants (not to mention peace of mind for the building owner).

Thanks to all the Shield crews for paying attention to detail and ensuring tenants and their businesses were not displaced while this reconstruction was underway.

If you think this is the sort of job you’re looking at, give us a call today at 780 760 4900. We’d be happy to help you out.


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Historic Building Floor Repair - 4 of 4
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