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Image of Shield Truck towing the Vector 1 HEPA Vacuum

Foundation Repair Talk

We can guarantee this is the biggest HEPA vacuum you’ve ever seen!

Homes in and around Edmonton built earlier than 1990 were often insulated with vermiculite in walls and attics.


Roughly 70% of all vermiculite used for insulation before this time carries the risk of asbestos contamination. When your inspector or contractor tells you your home or business has vermiculite insulation and asbestos is confirmed, all work must stop, and the removal job falls to an abatement specialist.


The process involves cordoning off the affected area from the rest of the house, a crew of men with shovels and bags and a substantial amount of time to complete the job.


Until now!


Introducing the newest member to the Shield Remediation team. Our new Vector 1 is a state-of-the-art HEPA vacuum, and to our knowledge, the largest one in Alberta.

This monster can operate at more than 2000 CFM, which means we can remove vermiculite and other contaminants faster and safer, with time savings as much as 80% versus traditional methods.


Image of Vector 1 HEPA Vacuum
Vector 1 HEPA Vacuum

What does this mean for you?

With far less downtime, you can get back to work finishing your project with minimal delays.

In addition, HEPA filtration minimizes dangerous air particulates, resulting in a significantly safer work environment and minimal residual danger to your property.


If you believe you have vermiculite insulation and your home was built before 1990, contact Shield Remediation (we do asbestos inspections too!) at 780 760 4900 or by completing our online contact form.