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Weeping Tile

What exactly is weeping tile and why is it important?

Weeping tile is an odd name, and not something we would normally associate with water drainage. In fact, it’s a system that collects water around the footing of your home and directs it away from your foundation, usually into the sewer system. From the mid fifties to the early ninety’s, weeping tile in and around Edmonton used clay pipes and drained directly into the sanitary sewer system. The pipes were prone to breakage from age or when foundations shifted. In houses built afterward, more reliable PVC or ABS pipes bypass sanitary sewer lines to either push water onto people’s yards or outside the foundation wall to drain directly into storm sewer lines.

Basically, weeping tile is just a cavity or place for water to collect at the base of the foundation to prevent water from building up hydrostatic pressure and forcing its way up into the basement. It has other benefits too such as helping create a more consistent moisture base around the foundation.

While a simple solution to keep water away from foundations, age, dirt, and tree roots can interfere with their efficient operation. Signs of a plugged weeping tile system include water entering the basement or crawl space, lush grass growth, puddles, or a sinkhole forming along the line of piping. If the drain tiles lead to a sump, check to make sure water is entering the sump and that the sump pump is working properly to push the water out of the sump and into the drainpipe that leads away from the house.

Downspouts may be attached to drain tiles as well. A heavy rainstorm can overwhelm the system as the water pours off the roof, down the spouts, and into the drainage system. In addition, dead leaves and accumulated dirt and debris may wash into the drain tile system and eventually plug the pipes.

Damaged drain tile systems may require digging up and replacing the perforated pipes, particularly if the house was built when clay tiles were the best solution for drainage issues. However, before investing in a new drain tile system, we can use a camera to inspect the inside of the pipes. If no damage is observed, we will use a high-pressure hydro-jet system to clear the blockage. Shield Foundation Repair has years of experience cleaning out, repairing, and replacing weeping tile systems.

For any manner of weeping tile issue, new or old, call us today to talk to one of our friendly staff.