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Structural Home Issues

Structural Home Issues in Edmonton

Structural Foundation Repairs in Edmonton

As foundation repair experts, you can trust we’ll make sure that your home’s foundation will be in the best shape possible. We’re experts in dealing with your Teleposts, beams, basement wall bowing or lateral movement on basement walls and pressure treated wood foundation issues.

We recognize the fact that not all repairs are the same. Shield Foundation repair will provide the best solution for every job by working closely with engineers to design the proper solution for the issue and soils at hand, from concrete columns and pads, steel push piles, concrete friction piles, or screw piles. We’re not limited to the one process we know best. We know the all best processes.

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Removal & Replacement of Basements

Our team are experts in the Art of House Lifting and Leveling in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Shield Foundation Repair is the only company that can literally lift a house off its foundation and move it 3 feet or all the way to the end of the lot and back over its new foundation. In fact, we’re the company other contractors use for this project. These jobs require a lot of skill, as well as techniques requiring years of training and expertise. When you need an expert, call an expert. Call Shield Foundation Repair. 

Quick facts:

  • We use the most up to date laser levels to see which areas need to get raised first, which need to get raised together, and which have risen too high. 
  • Shield Foundation Repair knows that raising sections of a home out of order, or against the needs of the home, can result in catastrophic damage. 
  • A sinking foundation is only one of the many foundation issues including foundation cracks or foundation upheaval that can get extensive and more dangerous with time if neglected.
  • Some soil types undergo contraction when the surrounding area is dry. This is because the soil loses water molecules and dries out, causing the constituents of the soil to shrink and creating spaces between the soil particles. If the soil is of a type that undergoes major contractions due to decreases in water levels (clay soil for example) it will cause the foundation to sink.

Removing & Replacing Foundation Walls/Floors

Sometimes foundations are beyond repair. This could be a result of a vehicle collision, fire, years of neglect or simply age of the concrete. Otherwise a foundation is replaced to provide the homeowner with a larger footprint, more headroom, or home renovation. In many cases the homeowner is still able to live in their home will the foundation wall is being replaced.

Shield Foundation Repair is the only foundation contractor in the Edmonton area that has the in-house expertise and resources to physically lift a structure off its foundation. We know this is no easy task and can lift any structure if required.

When we remove and replace foundation walls and complete foundations, we make sure to exceed all municipal requirements. This includes installing steel reinforcement beyond minimum building code requirements in both walls and floors structures and exceeding minimum damp proofing requirements by installing waterproofing membranes in every new foundation job we do.

How long can this job take?

There’s a lot that goes into the removal and replacement of an existing foundation. Even though we’d like to have it done within six weeks, you should anticipate that this process could take 3-4 months.

Shield Foundation Repair can take your project from start to finish including surveying, architect procurement, building permits, utility lines, lifting and moving structures, forming and pouring the new foundation, interior renovations, and landscaping.

The general contractor’s general contractor

We can do it all. If you find yourself in the unenviable position of suddenly becoming a general contractor (something most of us are not), don’t worry. We’ve got this. Job done!

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