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Weeping Tile Installation & Repair

Weeping Tile Installation & Repair in Edmonton

Weeping Tile Install 101

In the past number of years, we’ve seen an increasing number of foundation cracks being filled from the interior using only polyurethane. This process can create more problems than it solves because the contractor has no idea if the product is going through the wall or where it’s going. We have even seen cases where weeping tile repairs are completely filled with urethane, preventing the system from functioning properly and creating other foundation water problems.

Signs you should watch out for:

  • Basement floors heaving and cracking
  • Signs of efflorescence forming and deteriorating floors
  • Moisture coming up from underneath the floor

What and where is weeping tile?

Weeping tile is placed next to the outside bottom edge of your footing and connects either to the sump or sewer line. The simplest way to think of weeping tile is a small underground river to collect water, allowing it to move freely around your foundation where it either drains into the sump pit or directly to your sewer line. Its purpose is to keep a more consistent moisture content around your foundation. This system prevents clay drying up one in one location around your foundation and causing soil shifts which can lead to serious foundation settlement damage. Failure can be caused by a wreckless backfill pushing large rocks or big chunks of soil onto the tile and crushing it, sediment build up, or even tree roots.

Edmonton Weeping Tile Installation for Dry Basements

A professionally designed foundation drain will work with your unique foundation and landscape design and give you a larger scope of protection. In addition, preventing standing water from building up around your landscape, protecting your foundation, your yard, and your foliage. It even prevents mosquito infestations.

Weeping tile can be used on both the interior and exterior of homes and is always installed on the exterior of the first. In some cases, due to high water tables weeping tile is required on both the interior and exterior.

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Inspection and Diagnosis Using the Latest Technology

Shield Foundation Repair uses a video camera for weeping tile inspections and repair work. These camera systems consist of a long insertion probe with a flexible goose-neck probe for getting around corners. LED lights give excellent illumination and a small camera on the tip captures clear images and allows image saving.

Video scopes are great tools that can be used to locate weeping tile problems such as blockages, root problems or pipe failures. These problems can be serious and lead to a disappointing waste of time and money if not diagnosed correctly. Our camera inspection provides customers with a clear idea of what needs to be done and where.

Weeping Tile Jet Flush

If your weeping tile system does have a blockage, high-pressure flushing may be the solution. Also known as weeping tile jetting, high-pressure flushing is a great alternative to replacing your entire weeping tile system.

A hose line is inserted into the weeping tile, and high-pressure water is jetted throughout your system. Whether the debris is clay, sediment, soil or minerals, the water flushes it out of the weeping tile and back towards the system operator.

When you think you have a problem with your weeping tile system, don’t wait for it to get out of hand. Call Shield Foundation Repair today for a weeping tile inspection and diagnosis. Acting now may save you thousands later.

Shield Foundation Repair unravels the mystery of weeping tile and sump pumps.

If your home was built before 1990, it’s likely you have a weeping tile system to move water away from your foundation. Post 1990, sump pumps became the prevalent method. In this video, Todd discusses the evolution of weeping tile and annual sump pump system checks you can do at your home.

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