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House Leveling

House Leveling in Edmonton


Does your home seem to have a slight slope? When you walk from one corner of a room to another, does it feel like you’re traveling uphill? Maybe when you try to close your windows or doors, they stick or won’t budge an inch. Or perhaps you’ve started noticing cracks in your concrete slab, walls, tile, or ceilings. If so, you may be need of house leveling.

If your house is not level, your walls, floors, and roof can all suffer, causing major structural problems that usually require expensive repairs. Those remedies can’t be successfully completed until the house is completely level. Shield Foundation Repair can thoroughly inspect your home, identify the problem, and implement the proper solution.

It’s important to be aware of the warning signs or have an expert inspect your home. Here’s a few things to watch for on the inside:

  • Have you noticed cracks in your walls or ceiling?
  • Do you have problems with doors sticking or doors that fail to shut properly?
  • Do you have gaps between your floors or ceiling and interior walls?
  • Does your home seem to be sloping, sinking, shifting, or sagging?

Check for these indicators of house leveling issues on the outside:

  • A home that doesn’t appear to be level when you look at it.
  • A leaning chimney.
  • If you have a brick home, are there cracks in your exterior walls, especially near windows and doors?
  • Are there cracks in your foundation?
  • Stair step cracks in brick mortar.
  • Failed waterproofing.
  • Is there water ponding around the foundation?


Whether your home or business building is unstable, or you just need it leveled, we can handle the job.

Shield uses a state-of-the-art Unified Hydraulic Jacking System. We can lift the heavy end of your building at the same rate as the light end, minimizing distortion and cracking.

Depending on the job’s engineering requirements Shield will use any of Push Piles/Jack PilesConcrete Friction Piles or Screw Piles.

Don’t ignore what your home is telling you. Get an inspection from a professional as soon as possible. Only an experienced contractor can get your home leveled properly. In addition to leveling services, we also offer slab foundation repairs and repairs to damaged sills, joists, and floors. Call Shield today to talk to one of our friendly representatives. You’ll be glad you did.

House Leveling Edmonton

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Hi Todd, just wanted to let you know we didn't end up getting the house. The sellers were unwilling to come down in price despite the cost of what fixing the foundation cracks would be. That being said we were very impressed with your teams work and will be using you in the future once we find another place we want to put an offer on. Thanks again!
- Andrea P.

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