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House Moving

House Moving

Moving a house is a big project, but with the right conditions, definitely worth thinking about. There are many reasons to move an entire home.
Before committing to the project, it’s important to consult Shield Foundation Repair to understand the full scope of what is involved.


Saving a Historic Home

When zoning bylaws change and/or new developments are planned on your location, sometimes, the only way to save a historical building is to physically move it. 

Keep the House You Love

If your house has been in your family for decades, moving it allows you to continue living in it in a new location. If you have modified your home or made it handicap-accessible, you can save yourself from starting the entire process over by simply moving your unique space. 

You Found Your Dream Lot 

You love everything about your home except the location. 


There are certain factors that impact whether your home’s structural integrity, distance to travel, and final location makes a house move worth considering. You should arrange a conversation with a home moving pro like Shield Foundation Repair to determine whether it is a feasible option.

Positive Factors:

  • You’re moving it a short distance.
  • The transportation route is clear and simple, including few overhead utility lines, limited trees, and minimal traffic.
  • The total moving costs are affordable.
  • Your home is structurally sound enough to lift off the existing foundation.

Negative Factors:

  • You want to move across a large distance.
  • The transportation route is impeded by trees, traffic, or overhead utility lines that can’t be moved.
  • Your home is structurally unsound.
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Shield Foundation Repair moves a heritage house.


Planning the House Move

You should have some information on-hand:

  • The blueprints of the building to determine the structural support and material of the house.
  • The new location, which helps cost estimates and, feasibility of the project.
  • Everything you want to move, including additions like the garage, porch, or a brick chimney.

Shield will visit your home to begin the evaluation process required to decide if the house move is a logical decision and if so, present you with a series of recommendations.

Coordinating Permits and Paperwork

Shield Foundation Repair can facilitate the paperwork process: 

  • Obtain building permits for both old and new locations.
  • Hire an inspector to examine the structural integrity of the house.
  • Acquire road permits from the local departments for transporting the house.
  • Arrange any necessary sub-contractors

Preparing the House

House moving requires extensive planning and project coordination since most of the work happens before the actual move. Shield teams will work together to disconnect the house from the foundation, utilities, and infrastructure.

The House Lift

Shield will dig down around the home’s foundation (or basement) and cut through to insert steel beams to jack up the structure.

We will use a unified hydraulic jacking system to separate your house from the old foundation evenly and steadily. Beams are placed underneath the house in preparation to pull it onto dollies, which are then attached to a truck to move the house.

Photograph of Shield Foundation Repair moving a House to a new location.


According to the approved route, the truck will travel with the crew to get the house to the new location while watching out for obstructions like width of the road, power lines, overhead traffic lights and foliage. The trip can take a few hours up to several days.

Placing the Home on the New Foundation

When the home arrives, it will move up a ramp to the lot and jacked up until the new foundation is constructed, or the home can be moved directly onto the new foundation previously prepared. Shield can have the new foundation built and ready to go as well.

Finally, reconnection of utilities, finishing the basement and sub floor (if necessary) and additions like a porch or garage.


Although moving a home is technically and logistically complicated, in the right circumstances it can be exceptionally rewarding. Shield Foundation Repair has decades of experience with these projects and can help you move your most treasured possession in a safe and timely manner.

Click here to see an example of a project undertaken by our house moving team: 

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