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Drainage Installation & Sump Pumps

Drainage Installation & Sump Pumps in Edmonton

How old is your home?

Sump pumps were introduced into homes around 1990. A sump pit is designed to collect the water from your weeping tile and either discharge it out directly into your yard or the city’s storm sewer line. 

Prior to 1990 in Edmonton weeping tile drained directly into a sanitary sewer line. This system was introduced in Edmonton and surrounding areas around 1955. Elsewhere it wasn’t implemented till the mid 60’s. There’s usually a “Back Flow Preventer” or “Back Water Valve” (that most homeowners aren’t even aware of) which is also a vital component to the weeping tile system.

Professional Sump Pump Installation Services in Edmonton

Both systems require maintenance. For sumps, a homeowner must be conscientious that floats aren’t sticking, and the discharge line is functioning to move water away from the foundation. In addition, you need to ensure the sump barrel is free and clear of sediment build up. The Back Water Valve needs to be inspected yearly. In particular, the device needs to be inspected periodically if you experienced a sewer back-up in the past.

If used properly, sumps can assist with and manage water under concrete slabs (concrete floors). Combined with weeping tile, larger problematic areas can be managed. 

All Shield Foundation Repair sumps and pits are designed to manage and control below-floor water problems.

Sump Pump Installation & Repair

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Signs you’re experiencing water problems below floors may include:
  • Heaving of floors.
  • Cracks in basement floors.
  • Water or moisture coming through floor cracks.
  • Efflorescence forming on floor.
  • Concrete color differences in your floors (typically dark staining).
Window Well Installation & Drainage
Window wells are required when the ground around the exterior of the home is sloping towards the windows and can not be built up because the window would be covered. Think of them as a mini retaining wall that allows the ground to be built up higher than the window.

However, a bowl is effectively created. Without proper drainage water can collect inside and build up enough to seep through the window itself or around the frame of the window. You could get inches of water in your basement in no time at all during a large storm. Vertical drains need to be installed inside window wells and connected directly to the weeping tile system in order to manage water pooling.

Be careful of contractors who want to drill inside the window well to the weeping tile. This can damage the system and affect its function. In many cases these fixes never even get close to the actual weeping tile and end up dumping water into the surrounding dirt, inadvertently increasing hydrostatic pressure and likelihood of future crack formation.

This job needs to be done right
At Shield Foundation Repair we tackle the problem by excavating to the weeping tile and physically connecting the vertical drain to the window well. While the excavation is open, we’re also able to visually inspect the area to determine if there may be other potential problems.

Egress (escape) Windows
As building codes evolve so must the construction and safety of our homes. An egress window is simply an emergency escape device required in the event of a fire or major catastrophe in the basement of a home, allowing occupants to escape. Building codes change over the years for both escape windows and window wells. Shield Foundation Repair is up to date with all legislation and requirements. We can have window openings cut to conform to current requirements and install the window, window well and vertical drains needed. Job done!

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Hi Todd, just wanted to let you know we didn't end up getting the house. The sellers were unwilling to come down in price despite the cost of what fixing the foundation cracks would be. That being said we were very impressed with your teams work and will be using you in the future once we find another place we want to put an offer on. Thanks again!
- Andrea P.

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