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Lifting a home might sound like a scene from a science fiction movie, but with advancements in engineering and technology, it has become a practical solution for various structural issues.

Shield Foundation Repair uses the most effective method employed in this process – the Unified Jacking System (UJS).

This sophisticated system ensures the house is lifted evenly, minimizing the risk of structural damage. Here’s a detailed look at how the Unified Jacking System works and why it’s the professional’s preferred method for lifting homes.


What is a Unified Jacking System?

The Unified Jacking System is a hydraulic lifting mechanism designed to raise entire buildings in a controlled and synchronized manner. It is particularly useful for addressing foundation issues or even as part of relocating a structure.

The primary advantage of the UJS is its ability to lift a home evenly, thereby avoiding the potential for cracking or other damage that can occur with less coordinated lifting methods.

Following are the steps involved in executing a safe and efficient house lift:


Initial Assessment and Preparation:

The first step in lifting a home involves a thorough assessment by structural engineers and the Shield house lifting team. They evaluate the building’s foundation, weight distribution, and overall structural integrity. Based on this evaluation, a detailed plan is formulated.


Installation of Hydraulic Jacks:

Hydraulic jacks are the core components of the UJS. These jacks are strategically placed around the foundation of the home. The number and placement of the jacks depend on the size and weight of the structure. Each jack is connected to a central control unit that ensures synchronized movement.



Image of the Unified Jacking System Control Board


Cutting the Foundation:

Before the actual lifting begins, the existing foundation must be separated from the home. This involves cutting through the foundation walls to create a clean separation.

This step is critical as it allows the jacks to lift the home without interference from the original foundation.


Lifting the Home:

With the jacks in place and the foundation separated, the lifting process can commence.

The central control unit is activated, and all the hydraulic jacks start lifting the home simultaneously. Synchronization is key here – the control unit adjusts the pressure in each jack to ensure the house is lifted evenly.

Typically, the home is raised a few inches at a time, with constant monitoring to detect any potential issues.


Image of a house surrounded by fencing and Shield signage


Constructing a New Foundation:

Once the desired height is reached, the next step is constructing a new foundation. This can be a time-consuming process as it involves building new support structures and ensuring they are properly aligned with the lifted home. The new foundation must meet all structural and safety standards to support the house effectively.


Lowering and Securing the Home:

After the new foundation is completed, the house is carefully lowered onto it. This process is done gradually and with precision to ensure the home settles correctly on the new base. The hydraulic jacks are retracted, and the house is secured to the new foundation.


Final Inspections and Adjustments:

Once the home is in place, a series of inspections are conducted to ensure everything is in order. This includes checking the alignment, structural integrity, and the new foundation’s stability.

Any necessary adjustments are made to guarantee the home’s long-term safety and durability.


Advantages of Using the Unified Jacking System

  • Precision: The UJS provides unparalleled precision in lifting, reducing the risk of structural damage.
  • Synchronized Lifting: The system ensures that all parts of the home are lifted evenly, preventing cracks and misalignments.
  • Safety: The controlled lifting process enhances safety for both the structure and the workers involved.
  • Versatility: UJS can be used for many types of buildings, making it a versatile solution for different structural challenges.



Image of Shield Foundation Repair office with "House Lifting" sign outside.

Lifting a home is a complex process best performed by experts. It combines advanced hydraulic technology with meticulous planning and execution to achieve remarkable results.

Whether addressing foundation issues or relocating a structure, using the Unified Jacking System offers a reliable solution that prioritizes safety, precision, and structural integrity.

Shield Foundation Repair has the expertise, workforce, and equipment to lift your home safely and effectively. If you need professional house lifting advice, give our friendly staff a call today at 780 760 4900 or using our handy contact form.

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