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My basement has water in it! What do I do?

Shield Foundation Repair Edmonton

Step 1

Move furnishings out of the area and pull back carpet/flooring.

Next, soak up and contain the water with towels, blankets, rags, anything you’ve got.

Then get the fans and heat going.
Shield Foundation Repair Edmonton

Step 2

We know this a stressful situation, we got you. With over 35 years in the industry, we know a thing or two about flooded basements.

Don’t worry, our team at Shield Foundation Repair, will handle this situation for you.

Shield Foundation Repair Edmonton

Step 3

We are a full service foundation repair company that can take your project from start to finish including restoring walls and floors, regrading, landscaping, concrete and deck repairs with options that work with your budget.

35 years experience

Better Business Bureau Accredited. Canadian Construction Association & Alberta Construction Association.

Fully Insured

$5 Million In Liability Insurance in addition to Errors & Omission and Lifting & Rigging Insurance Coverage.

25 Year Warranty

Our service is backed by a 25 year service warranty. Trust we'll get the job done right.


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More than just fixing a crack.

Our job is to make your most terrifying moment like it never happened.
Shield Foundation Repair is “the general contractor’s general contractor”, the only contractor you’ll ever need. We are a full-service foundation repair company that can take your project from start to finish, including restoring walls and floors, regrading, landscaping, concrete and deck repairs, with options that work with your budget. We strive for a smooth and pleasant experience, providing you with daily updates and progress reports so you understand what’s happening every step of the way.
Foundation Crack Repair Edmonton
Water Leaks In Basement

The moment you realized something was wrong.

You’ve got water coming into your basement. Alarm bells go off in your head. What do you do now? Who do I call? You take matters into your own hands and begin tearing down walls. You can’t find where it’s coming from. You go to Google to look for answers.

Everything is coming at you FAST. So much information and not much in the way of solutions. Every contractor looks the same. We’ve seen this story a thousand times. You may not know it yet, but, you’ve just become a general contractor. For most of our customers, this can be a nightmare.

Let our experience bring you peace of mind.​

Having successfully worked with countless customers, we understand this whole process can feel overwhelming and complicated. Shield Foundation Repair is here to bring calm to the storm. In these competitive times, Shield has your best interests at heart. Your project is important to us. We won’t substitute quality for profit. You can be assured we’ll take time required to do the job right. 

Home Repair Edmonton

Recognize These Moments?

Some shifting and settling of a home is normal overt time due to the type of clay we build on. This can cause cracks in your basement. Even the smallest cracks can let water into your basement. High water table areas can experience hydrostatic pressure which forces water up through the joints between your wall and floor. Foundation cracks need permanent exterior repair solutions using only the highest quality waterproofing products. Be careful of contractors using inferior damp proofing products to save a dollar. Specifically designed sump pits can help alleviate high water tables but are somewhat limited to how much area it can drain. Interior weeping may have to be installed to ensure adequate drainage below your basement floor.
Many people believe that they require weeping tile when they are getting water in their basement. Most homes built starting 1955 and beyond in Edmonton and surrounding area had weeping tile installed when the house was originally constructed. There are generally other issues that allow the water to enter the basement. When we have the base of the foundation exposed, we check your weeping tile to ensure it’s doing the job properly. Occasionally, we encounter weeping tile plugged with silt, sediment or roots. When this occurs, we’ll tell you what we found. We often see symptoms of plugged tile so it’s not a surprise. The weeping tile on older homes have a back-flow valve that is plumbed into the sanitary sewer. Sump pumps replace that system.
We’ve seen hundreds of foundations continue to leak after only using an internal remedy. It’s our opinion that plugging a breached foundation from the inside is temporary. Our philosophy is to get to the heart of the problem by digging out and exposing the issue from the external side of your basement. We expose the crack, clean it out, apply high quality waterproofing product on the exterior of your foundation and install a barrier to protect the area that was just repaired. Be careful of contractors substituting a damp proofing product to save money.
Shield will conduct investigations and sampling, providing proper documentation and remediation solutions to ensure a healthy environment for you and your family.
If your foundation has deteriorated and failed completely, we’ll raise your house, remove the old foundation and pour a new one. Often, when we do this extra height is added.

When a house is originally built, the excavation is typically 3 to 4 feet wider than the structure. The back-fill is put in loosely and not compacted. Over time, the ground shrinks and the excavation settles. This will happen to every home and needs to be addressed. We at Shield Foundation Repair can adjust the grade to ensure the water flows away from the house.

Call Shield. Based on our experience, there are signs and symptoms we can recognize that most people can’t. We enlist APEGA certified engineers and other industry experts to look for existing and potential problems.

There are several reasons foundations drop or settle. Typically, the area underneath the footings has compacted over time due to clay shrinking from lack of moisture. Shield Foundation Repair uses three different types of piles to underpin and support your foundation from further settling:

  1. Push Pile System: Piles are pushed into the ground until enough load bearing capacity is reached. This capacity is calculated by an engineer and verified at the time of install.
  2. Screw Pile System: Screw piles are drilled into the ground beside your foundation and a bracket is installed on top of the pile with which your foundation is lifted.
  3. Concrete Friction Pile System: Holes are drilled 20-30 feet below your foundation and a steel cage is inserted. Concrete is poured to create a pile and hydraulic jacks are used to lift your foundation back up to where it should be.

Shield Management

Todd Shield Foundation Repair



Todd has over 15 years of hands on experience selling work and managing employees, projects, and vendor relations in the Edmonton foundation repair industry. He has assessed over 4,000 homes and businesses over his career. Along with architectural and business marketing diplomas from NAIT, Todd has a lifetime of related experience in his back pocket relevant to any manner of foundation repair project.


Director of Operations

Matt has over 20 years of construction experience, from repairing cracked walls to raising buildings and replacing entire foundations. He’s been involved in the restoration of several historic buildings across the prairies. His industry knowledge and hands-on approach allows Shield to take on any size residential and commercial project from start to finish.

Tammy Shield Foundation Repair


Office Manager

Tammy has over 20 years of experience in customer service, administrative support and office management with a background in construction, oil and gas and engineering. Tammy knows what it takes to do the job right and provide a superior customer experience.

Shield Foundation Repair Team


Operations Manager

Tim has 20+ years of construction experience including foundation repair and waterproofing, basement replacements, and lifting and levelling structures, both residential and commercial. He’s on the front lines with our crews every day overseeing projects, labour and materials and making sure the work is being done safely and efficiently. 


Senior Estimator

Jeff’s been in the industry for over 17 years, with hands on experience in restoration, both interior and exterior, working closely with several insurance firms. Jeff is certified through the IICRC in mold and asbestos detection and remediation as well as water and fire/smoke damage related repairs. He’s owned his own siding and repairs company and leads our Shield Exteriors team as Senior Estimator. 



Colleen has 25 years of experience in bookkeeping and administration, primarily working in the construction industry and focusing on foundation repair. She is highly knowledgeable and an irreplaceable asset to the company.


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