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Winter in Alberta can be harsh and unpredictable. Its effects can pose daunting challenges for your foundation. One day it can be plus five and the next day you’re in the middle of the coldest week in the last forty… Continue Reading…

Image of a failed urethane Injection and foundation crack.

Foundation Repair Talk


Interior injection repair on concrete is a method of filling cracks in concrete foundations with epoxy or polyurethane. However, this method has several drawbacks that make it less effective, such as: It can only be used in dry cracks, as… Continue Reading…

Foundation Repair Talk


There are many foundation repair contractors in and around Edmonton. It’s easy to do a Google search and find any number of companies that could potentially address your problem. When you have so many options, how can you make the… Continue Reading…

Photo of one of Shield Foundation Repair's trucks.

Foundation Repair Talk


As it gets cooler in Edmonton and the ground begins to freeze, it is easy to put off foundation fixes and upgrades “until next year.” Your home’s foundation is one of the most important components of a building or a… Continue Reading…

Image of foundation crack

Foundation Repair Talk


As it cools off here in Alberta, windows are open less and you’re spending more time inside. As a result, odours you may have missed all summer suddenly become more noticeable. What’s going on? If you head down to the… Continue Reading…

Image of basement

Foundation Repair Talk

Home Improvement Season is Fast Approaching!

As Alberta days get shorter and fall approaches, home improvement is on everyone’s minds. For dedicated weekend warriors there’s no project more daunting than updating your basement. You start by planning that exciting new media room (for big screen football,… Continue Reading…

Foundation Repair Talk

How sturdy is the foundation on that new home you’re about to close on?

Here in Edmonton, homes sell fast. Sometimes you have to make a deal before you’d like to because there’s someone biting at your heels with another offer, waiting for you to decline. Unless the home you’re looking to buy is… Continue Reading…

Image of inspector looking at foundation crack.

Foundation Repair Talk

How Weather Can Affect Your Foundation

Just recently, Edmonton experienced a summer weather event where a month’s worth of rain fell in just a few days. It’s times like these that reveal the true condition of your foundation. Because structural damage and degradation is often hidden… Continue Reading…

Image of “Horizontal crack in basement foundation.

Foundation Repair Talk

Should You Put Off That Foundation Repair?

  If you’re like most Edmonton homeowners, you’re not a fan of unexpected surprises that can stretch your budget. Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are, unexpected expenses come with the territory. Foundation problems certainly fall into that category, and… Continue Reading…

Photo showing Efflorescence in basement

Foundation Repair Talk

What foundation issues can arise in spring?

Spring rains are welcome and refreshing. But they can cause increases in hydrostatic pressure and reveal foundation problems. When the snow melts and it starts to rain here in Edmonton, it can really come down. Every spring, susceptible foundations can… Continue Reading…

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Foundation Repair Talk

DIY Foundation Repair (?)

Thinking about DIY’ing your foundation crack? Knowing what you don’t know can save you a LOT of problems. If you consider yourself a home repair afficionado and notice a small crack in the foundation of your home, you will almost… Continue Reading…

Foundation Repair Talk


We get it. Holiday season is over. You’re just back from that big trip and kids have to go to school. It’s a million degrees below outside and dark by four. The lassssst thing on your mind is that leaky… Continue Reading…

Foundation Repair Talk

Types of Foundations

What’s below your feet? Foundation talk about… foundation types. As you might imagine, at Shield Foundation Repair, we see A LOT of foundations because, well, it’s what we do. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and each requires specific… Continue Reading…

Foundation Repair Talk

Underpinning – Is your house a little out of whack?

Is your floor not level? Are your doors and windows out of alignment? Maybe you have unexplained wall cracks. No, your house probably isn’t haunted, but it may need underpinning to bring things back to square. The cause is probably… Continue Reading…

Photograph of Shield Foundation Repair moving a House to a new location.

Foundation Repair Talk

Historic House Move Part II – You don’t see something like this very often

If you’ve been following our house move story from our last blog post, you’d know we were tasked to move a historic Edmonton home that was over 100 years old. While the preparation was epic, the move itself was nothing… Continue Reading…

Foundation Repair Talk

A History Lesson from Shield Foundation Repair

Moving homes is precise work at the best of times. When the home is over a hundred years old, the stakes get a whole lot higher. Shield Foundation Repair is proud to be part of this historical house project in… Continue Reading…

Image of interior wall honeycombing

Foundation Repair Talk

Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Foundation Repair?

The answer is… Complicated Damage to your concrete foundation (caused by cracks, settlement, or anything else) not only impacts the structural integrity of your home, but can be expensive to repair. You may think your homeowner’s insurance will cover the… Continue Reading…

Photograph of vermiculite insulation

Foundation Repair Talk

Do you have “popcorn insulation” in your attic? You might have an asbestos issue

Houses built in and around Edmonton before 1990 may have been insulated with Vermiculite, or “popcorn insulation”. Vermiculite is a naturally occurring “mica-like” mineral that was mined and processed into attic insulation starting in the 1920’s and ending in the… Continue Reading…

image of vertical cracks in basement wall

Foundation Repair Talk

Some Not So Obvious Ways Water Can Get Into Your Basement

“I’ve got water! Yikes! But I don’t see any cracks. What the heck is going on?” We hear this plea all the time. Sometimes the cause of your leaky basement foundation is a little trickier to diagnose. Following are three… Continue Reading…

Historic Building Floor Repair - 4 of 4

Foundation Repair Talk

There’s a lot more to what we do than you might think

Dig out a wall, fix a crack, fill in the dirt again and go home. No big deal, right?   Sure, sometimes we run across relatively easy fixes. But often, a project that might seem pretty straightforward can be significantly… Continue Reading…

Image of a contractor and client shaking hands.

Foundation Repair Talk

Hiring a Contractor (This May Be The Most Important Thing You Read On Our Site!)

Hiring a contractor At Shield Foundation Repair, we spend an enormous amount of time and effort making sure our customers are dealing with a company that meets or exceeds the highest industry and government standards. When you choose Shield for… Continue Reading…

Image of jacking a garage

Foundation Repair Talk

I thought you guys did foundation repairs

We love the foundation repair business, and we are good at it. But one of our lesser-known specialty services is home lifting and levelling. Our team consists of seasoned pros who have years of experience in both commercial and residential… Continue Reading…

Foundation Repair Talk

Telltale signs your window wells might be compromised

Expert Parkade Repair Services in Edmonton  We don’t just get “rain” in Edmonton. We get downpours. Now, with winter moving in, early snowfalls can lead to slow melting water accumulations in low lying areas of your home. 10 cm of… Continue Reading…


Foundation Repair Talk

Problems with walk out basements

Have a walkout basement? Here’s an example of floor sloping at the walkout portion. This is a common problem usually associated with the original home construction. It could have been easily avoided. The walkout portion of the basement is built… Continue Reading…


Foundation Repair Talk

Common foundation problems

In Edmonton, pipes that run through the walls of a home or commercial foundations are usually sealed up with concrete, hydraulic cement, or caulk. These penetration points are one of the weakest areas in the walls, and it’s very common… Continue Reading…

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