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Foundation Repair Talk

Telltale signs your window wells might be compromised

We don’t just get “rain” in Edmonton. We get downpours. Now, with winter moving in, early snowfalls can lead to slow melting water accumulations in low lying areas of your home. 10 cm of snow in your window wells might… Continue Reading…


Foundation Repair Talk

Problems with walk out basements

Have a walkout basement? Here’s an example of floor sloping at the walkout portion. This is a common problem usually associated with the original home construction. It could have been easily avoided. The walkout portion of the basement is built… Continue Reading…


Foundation Repair Talk

Common foundation problems

In Edmonton, pipes that run through the walls of a home or commercial foundations are usually sealed up with concrete, hydraulic cement, or caulk. These penetration points are one of the weakest areas in the walls, and it’s very common… Continue Reading…