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Foundation Repair Talk

There’s a lot more to what we do than you might think

Dig out a wall, fix a crack, fill in the dirt again and go home. No big deal, right?   Sure, sometimes we run across relatively easy fixes. But often, a project that might seem pretty straightforward can be significantly… Continue Reading…

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Foundation Repair Talk

Hiring a Contractor (This May Be The Most Important Thing You Read On Our Site!)

Hiring a contractor At Shield Foundation Repair, we spend an enormous amount of time and effort making sure our customers are dealing with a company that meets or exceeds the highest industry and government standards. When you choose Shield for… Continue Reading…

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Foundation Repair Talk

We can guarantee this is the biggest HEPA vacuum you’ve ever seen!

Homes in and around Edmonton built earlier than 1990 were often insulated with vermiculite in walls and attics.   Roughly 70% of all vermiculite used for insulation before this time carries the risk of asbestos contamination. When your inspector or… Continue Reading…

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Foundation Repair Talk

I thought you guys did foundation repairs

We love the foundation repair business, and we are good at it. But one of our lesser-known specialty services is home lifting and levelling. Our team consists of seasoned pros who have years of experience in both commercial and residential… Continue Reading…

Foundation Repair Talk

Telltale signs your window wells might be compromised

We don’t just get “rain” in Edmonton. We get downpours. Now, with winter moving in, early snowfalls can lead to slow melting water accumulations in low lying areas of your home. 10 cm of snow in your window wells might… Continue Reading…


Foundation Repair Talk

Problems with walk out basements

Have a walkout basement? Here’s an example of floor sloping at the walkout portion. This is a common problem usually associated with the original home construction. It could have been easily avoided. The walkout portion of the basement is built… Continue Reading…


Foundation Repair Talk

Common foundation problems

In Edmonton, pipes that run through the walls of a home or commercial foundations are usually sealed up with concrete, hydraulic cement, or caulk. These penetration points are one of the weakest areas in the walls, and it’s very common… Continue Reading…