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Maintaining the structural integrity of your home is one of the most important parts of home maintenance. However, with summer coming and the frantic pace of life these days, many homeowners put off needed repairs. Often, foundation problems emerge slowly over the course of years. With each passing year problems can get worse, eventually spreading to other parts of the home, resulting in more considerable damage.

Foundation problems are like a tooth cavity. If you catch it and fill it early-on, before it becomes painful, you can avoid the need for costly procedures that could have been avoided.

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Here are some vital facts that you should be aware of if you’re thinking about delaying foundation repair for your home.

The information provided is based on historical market research and trends observed over the past several years.

Foundation repairs cost more when you wait.

Studies show that foundation repair prices for homes where homeowners put off repairs can spike as much as 35% higher. It’s important to note that these costs don’t include additional cosmetic repairs that result when the damage inevitably gets worse – cracks, cabinets, flooring, windows, roofing.

Simply put, the longer you put off that foundation repair, the more money you’ll need to spend to fix it in the future.


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If you delay repairs, you will probably wait too long.

Homeowners who choose to put off repairs end up having to deal with the issue in question for almost two years on average. This delay also causes a negative influence on quality of life in addition to the worsening structural problems.

Every delay can add another day of annoyance or increase the chances of unrealized danger coming to fruition.


Homebuyers prefer move-in ready homes.

First impressions are crucial. Most prospective homebuyers look for homes that are ready to move into.

In Canada, a home is deemed “stale” if it remains on the market for more than a month or so. The longer it remains unsold, the more potential buyers become skeptical. And everyone knows skepticism kills desire to purchase. Additionally, a well-maintained home will always sell for more than a comparable unmaintained home in the same area.


Foundation problems affect more than the physical structure of a home; they can also affect your family’s safety, comfort, and inevitably, financial stability.

This is one of those textbook situations where avoiding procrastination can save you money overall.

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