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As it gets cooler in Edmonton and the ground begins to freeze, it is easy to put off foundation fixes and upgrades “until next year.” Your home’s foundation is one of the most important components of a building or a structure. Since it’s what everything else sits upon, any issues could turn into massive and costly repairs down the road if not dealt with promptly.

There are varied reasons you might need a foundation inspection, such as noticing damage to your foundation, selling, or buying a home. No matter the area you live in, a professional foundation repair company employs specific best-practice processes. They also provide free cost estimates. Here is what you need to know about foundation inspection.

Photo of one of Shield Foundation Repair's trucks.


What does a foundation inspection consist of?

The procedure usually involves looking for any foundation cracks, damaged floors or walls, and other signs of potential risks. You can learn more about Shield Foundation Repair inspections here.


Here are some of the critical things that a foundation inspection consists of:

Slab Foundation Inspection

If your home or building has a slab foundation, an inspector will walk around the perimeter, carefully observing and recording any cracks in your slab, brick veneer, fascia boards, and any other thing that could prompt indicate foundation damage.

Image of window well suffering from water ingress.
Point of water ingress observed on exterior foundation inspection.


Pier and Beam Foundation Inspections

The inspection of pier and beam foundation is slightly different from that of a slab. An inspector enters the crawlspace under your structure to determine whether it’s wet or musty. A professional inspector will also check the condition of your piers, beams, and joists. In case they find something problematic, notes will be taken and included on a final report.


Do I need a foundation inspection?

A periodic inspection, especially if your home is older or susceptible to moisture ingress is a really good idea. Houses usually settle naturally, which can lead to conditions not previously. Additionally, Alberta weather extremes and torrential summer storms can wear down construction materials over time. In some cases, an extreme situation like the rain event we had this summer in Edmonton may prompt an immediate foundation check, but other situations may not be so critical. The only way to know for sure is to have a professional inspection.


Image of cracked wall with poor foundation repair.
Poor foundation repair and subsequent failure observed on inspection.


Shield Foundation Repair can conduct a thorough foundation inspection to expose any hazards in your building. We can handle anything from a simple foundation repair to the most complex project, residential or commercial. Our customer service team is team is always more than happy to answer any of your questions.

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