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Foundation Repair Talk

I thought you guys did foundation repairs

We love the foundation repair business, and we are good at it. But one of our lesser-known specialty services is home lifting and levelling. Our team consists of seasoned pros who have years of experience in both commercial and residential structure lifting.


As we talk with so many customers, sometimes we come across interesting projects like the one below.

A homeowner wanted to lift his garage to accommodate an increased door height. This is a technical, complicated job. It requires experience and the right equipment knowledge.

Not something we come across every day, but the type of job we really like to take on.


This project required structural support prior to lifting to ensure all four corners remained plum. To lift this garage safely and securely, we used our unified jacking system, which ensures each jack receives exactly the same volume of oil, allowing them to extend at the same rate, regardless of the weight or pressure on it. Clean and professional.


Image of a Unified Jacking SystemA unified jacking system


Next, we installed piles and with the help of a structural engineer, designed concrete grade beams and a new floor. We then placed the garage back on a newly poured grade beam. To finish the job, a 10-foot garage door was installed.

You can see images from each stage of the project in the image slider gallery below. The client was delighted with the completed work.


Shield Foundation Repair provides expertise in lifting services for residential and commercial buildings in and around Edmonton and throughout Alberta. We follow North American industry standards for all lifting procedures and use our own personnel and equipment.

When thinking about raising any structure, call us for a full project evaluation and quote.


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Garage Jacking image - 2 of 7
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Garage Jacking - 1 of 7
Garage Jacking - 2 of 7
Garage Jacking - 3 of 7
Garage Jacking - 4 of 7
Garage Jacking - 5 of 7
Garage Jacking - 6 of 7
Garage Jacking - 7 of 7
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